Summer Better

What makes your summer better? Is it that dream holiday destination you finally get to go to? Is it because you can take time to chill? While all these sound wonderful, you know that summer is better when you are with God. Summer is better when there is peace and harmony in your heart and summer is better when you are passionate about compassion! Let’s dive in together and see how God can make your summer better than ever!

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Brewery - Part 1 - Simmering Anger

brew: verb \ ˈbrü \ - unwelcome event or situation beginning to develop. "A storm is brewing."

We will be joining with Island ECC's new sermon series called "Brewery" which takes a look at different feelings in our lives that begin to brew inside of us that can have negative effects. What does the Bible teach us about keeping a lid on certain emotions that could cause trouble? This week we will be looking at anger. A few of us would readily admit we have an anger issue mostly because the evidence and witnesses are so plentiful, but more of us likely have a low-grade, simmering anger – one mostly controlled, hidden away, yet equally toxic and ready to destroy. This sermon looks deeper into this anger that we think is under control.

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